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CACI Non-Surigical Facelift


CACI's award winning treatments use the very latest pioneering technologies and have been voted the most effective anti-ageing treatments available. The result of over two decades of research, are non-invasive treatments can deliver dramatic, visible results, without the need of surgery.


Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion


This results driven treatment has quickly established it Celebrity Fans reinforcing its position as the preferred “Beauty Treatment to the Stars”.

Crystal clear Microdermabraision offers a safe and controlled method of skin resurfacing by gently exfoliating the outer layers of the skin. It also helps to increase new collagen and elastin fibres resulting in a firmer and more toned texture.
An excellent and progressive solution to lines, wrinkles, open pores, blackheads, pigmentation, blemishes, acne scars and much more. 





​Non-Surgical Facelift​

This treatment gently lifts, tightens, tones and re-educates the facial muscles whilst smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Skin is beautifully re-hydrated whilst tone and texture is improved leaving the skin with a wonderful glow and a firmer more supple appearance.


Super Non-Surgical Facelift

More time equals more lift and toning of the facial muscles resulting in firmer skin and muscle tone with less fine lines and wrinkles.


Ultimate Anti-Ageing Treatment

This treatment will leave you with smoother, lifted, plumped and more hydrated skin incorporating ultra-sonic skin peeling, the non-surgical facelift and L.E.D light therapy. This is the ultimate CACI treatment.​



Eye Revive Treatment

Concentrating on the eye area this treatment lifts, smooths and plumps, erasing fine lines, rehydrating and repairing the eye area.



Jowl Lift

The CACI Jowl Lift has been developed to specifically target muscle laxity around the jawline. Using Quad Probes specially designed to lift and firm the muscles and refine facial contours.


Wrinkle Revolution Treatment

The CACI Wrinkle Revolution effectively plumps out deep lines and wrinkles.

The Wrinkle Comb's deep powerful action stimulates fibroblast cells to naturally increase collagen and elastin production helping to reduce wrinkle depth and promote skin tissue repair.


​Ultimate Healing Treatment

Targeting areas of congestion, scarring, pigmentation and sun damage with use of ultra-sonic peel, L.E.D light therapy and the wrinkle comb. This treatment is ideal for the face, back and any areas with these concerns.


​Hyrdatone Treatment

An intensive skin hydration and face firming treatment, using a mask infused with collagen, hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C & E.

The skin is cleansed and exfoliated before the mask is applied.
Skin is quenched, whilst deep lines and wrinkles are plumped out, leaving the skin looking radiant, softer and more youthful.


Bottoms Up

This CACI cellulite treatment instantly lifts and contours the buttocks, as well as toning the thighs. Electro cellulite massager improves the appearance of cellulite, breaks down fatty deposits, stimulates circulation and helps flush toxins away.

Winner of ITV's This Morning 'Cheat To The Beach' receiving 15 out of 15.



With all of the above treatments results are immediately visable but for optimum results a course of 10 treatments are recommended followed by a monthly top up. We offer a course booking reward (pay for 5 treatments and get the 6th treatment free) See course information for further details.


Deluxe Microdermabraision

The ultimate skin rejuvenation face treatment incorporating the Mini Lift Mask. The perfect treatment for tackling lines, wrinkles, pigmentation problems, blemishes and acne scars. During mask application enjoy a relaxing scalp, shoulder or hand and arm massage.


Intense Correction Treatment

An excellent choice for skin that needs a quick fix or someone requiring intense correction on a specific area of concern.


Back Shine Treatment

For small pimples and dry skin on the back and arms. The skin instantly looks smoother and brighter.



With all of the above treatments results are immediately visible but for optimum results a course of 6 treatments are recommended followed by a monthly top up. We offer a course booking reward (pay for 5 treatments and get the 6th treatment free). See course information for further details.