​Australian Body Care Strip Wax​
Miramiras choice of strip wax system is highly trusted Australian Body Care Tea Tree Crème Wax. Produced to a high standard using superior quality ingredients with antiseptic properties to promote skin healing.
To get the best results, the hair to be waxed needs to be a minimum of 1/4cm in length.

​Lycon Comfort Wax
The Lycon Comfort Wax System delivers superior performance. We have chosen the yummy scented vanilla wax which is gentle, calming and soothing. Perfect for sensitive areas especially bikini, brazilian and hollywood waxing.
Lycon wax grips and shrink wraps short hair for easy, effective and long lasting results. Leaving even the most sensitive skin smooth and soft to touch.


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Full Leg, Bikini Line & Underarm     £48


Full Leg & Bikini Line                         £42


Full Leg & Underarm                         £42


Full Leg                                                £34


3/4 Leg                                                 £25


1/2 Leg, Basic BL & Underarm        £38


1/2 Leg & Bikini Line                         £30


1/2 Leg & Underarm                         £30


1/2 Leg                                                £22


Full Arm                                              £20


Forearm                                              £16



£13 Strip Wax / £15 Comfort Wax


Bikini Line                                          

£15 Strip Wax / £18 Comfort Wax


Extended Bikini Line                        

£18 Strip Wax / £25 Comfort Wax



£42 Comfort Wax



£42 Comfort Wax



£13 Strip Wax / £13 Comfort Wax


Eyebrow, Top Lip & Chin                

 £20 Strip Wax / £25 Comfort Wax


Top Lip & Chin                                  

£14 Strip Wax / £16 Comfort Wax


Top Lip , chin & sides                                          

 £18 Strip Wax / £20 Comfort Wax


Top lip or chin                                                     

£11 Strip Wax / £12 Comfort Wax



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