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At Miramira we are dedicated to providing a comfortable and hygienic environment for your waxing service where you can trust our waxing experts will deliver a flawless, five-star wax experience every time.

We are proud to say that we have a 'no double dipping policy '.

This means we do not redip the spatula back into the wax,  it is disposed of after each application eliminating any possibility of bacteria being transferred back into the wax pot. This ensures the safest most hygienic treatment for you.

​Australian Body Care Strip Wax​
Miramiras choice of strip wax system is highly trusted Australian Body Care Tea Tree Crème Wax. Produced to a high standard using superior quality ingredients with antiseptic properties to promote skin healing.
To get the best results, the hair to be waxed needs to be a minimum of 1/4cm in length.

​Lycon Comfort Wax
The Lycon Comfort Wax System delivers superior performance. We have chosen the yummy scented vanilla wax which is gentle, calming and soothing. Perfect for sensitive areas especially bikini, brazilian and hollywood waxing.
Lycon wax grips and shrink wraps short hair for easy, effective and long lasting results. Leaving even the most sensitive skin smooth and soft to touch.


click here for aftercare advice

Full Leg & Bikini Line                         £46


Full Leg                                                £37


3/4 Leg                                                 £28


1/2 Leg & Bikini Line                         £33


1/2 Leg                                                £25


Full Arm                                              £25


Forearm                                              £19



£16 Strip Wax / £18 Comfort Hot Wax

Bikini Line  

Ideal for a first time waxer, the bikini line touch up is a tidy up around the edges. Hair is removed anywhere outside of a modest brief line.  

 £18 Strip Wax / £21 Comfort Hot Wax


G - String Bikini Line    

If you want to take the bikini line higher above your brief line and underneath  ,  plus more of a neaten up around the top.                

£25 Strip Wax / £28 Comfort Hot Wax



Opt for a classic landing strip or a small triangle of hair on the front of the bikini line. Hair is removed off the top and sides of bikini line, plus all the way under and around the back. 

£43 Comfort Hot Wax



Totally bare ! all the pubic hair is removed.

£43 Comfort Hot Wax

Please note Miramira bikini waxes are customisable, so you can choose to remove as much or as little hair from your chosen area. Please discuss with your wax expert before they start your treatment.


Eyebrow Wax & Shape                                         



Eyebrow, Top Lip & Chin                



Top Lip & Chin                                  



Sides Of Face                                        



Top lip or chin                                                     


Please note during your facial waxing consultation,  your waxing expert will discuss your needs, assess your skin type and advise on the most suitable wax option for you, either strip or comfort wax.



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