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Gel Overlay Manicure Aftercare

Jessica GELeration & Bio Sculpture Gel Aftercare Advice


  • Do not pick or peel the gel off. This can cause damage to the natural nail. To remove the gel make an appointment for Existing Gel Removal. This treatment is complimentary if you are having a new set of gel re-applied. 

  • Wait 24 hours after application before swimming, bathing or soaking nails in water.

  • Chlorine may lift gel in severe cases. Rinse hands thoroughly after swimming to remove chlorine

  • Insect repellent can also lift Gel after prolonged use; try to avoid having it near your nails

  • Always use gloves when cleaning and washing up

  • Do not expose the nails to any harsh cleaning products or nail varnish remover

  • Sunscreen may lift the gel in some cases. Wash your hands thoroughly after applying any sunscreen and avoid putting around the nails.

  • Use the Jessica Phenomen Oil on your nails and cuticles daily to prolong the gels.

  • Do not use oil based products.


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